Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What we love

I am reading a book that is a summary of Jonathan Edwards' Religious Affections. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Religious Affections, it is often mentioned as one of the most influencial books in church history. Many of the men that I respect most cite this book as one that changed their lives. It has been a disturbing read to say the least. From time to time I run into a book that does not allow be to remain unchanged and RA is forming up to be one of those books.

Edwards writes that our affections (the actions that result from the orientation of our souls or the fervent exercises of the heart) define whether we know God or not. In other words, we are spiritually defined by what we love consistently. He would also say that what we love will also influence what we hate (love God = hate sin).

This little idea has rocked my world. There are times when I desparately love God, but often I only hide the household gods instead of destroying them. My affections are divided and I break the most important commandment over and over again. I love the Lord my God with some of my heart and some of my soul and some of my strength. I need God to save me from myself.

And He Jesus. In Christ, my affections can be changed. Will be changed. And as I am sanctified by Him, a clearer view of Him will make everything else seem worthless in comparison.

So. What do you love?

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Aaron said...

What book are you actually reading? Religious Affections was one of the very first Christian books I read as a believer. Didn't understand much of it, but I read every last word...

Should probably get back to it at some point, but oh, the list is endless of "must read" books!