Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hit the nail on the head....

This quote is frightening to me. Partly because I have been wondering how the stimulus thingy will benefit my family.

As long as Americans believe it is the job of the state to provide nourishment and it is their job to suck at the teat of government we will continue to spiral into tyranny and oppression. I fear that the one two punch of government schools and mass media over the course of several generations have effectively rendered the citizenry (at least the sampling from Michigan I listened to tonight) brain dead. There is no desire for freedom, but instead a long plaintive cry to be fed, taken care of, and to have their diapers changed. People really have come to believe that in the state we love and move and have our being. People really have come to the point where they are looking to the state for salvation. People really would prefer security to liberty.


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ComfyDenim said...

It's very scary.
Especially when I stop to think that those that believe this -- really don't understand what they are giving up for this "Security". it is a slow erosion. I don't like it one bit -- and I'm very glad that I have King who'll take care of me.