Friday, September 4, 2009

Three things

1. I am amazed at the furor over the planned Obama speech to kids. A couple of random thoughts: First, doesn't the most powerful man on the planet have better things to do than talk to kids about staying in school? Second, if kids are in a public school, aren't they being impacted by the things the government wants them to learn anyway (ie. evolution)? Just thinking out loud....

2. I was in a restaurant recently where they had classical music in surround the bathroom. It was nice and all, but trying to create ambiance in the potty is probably overkill.

3. I am starting to see the slow creep of inclusiveness sneaking into the church-at-large and it really bothers me. There are certain principles/standards that the Bible sets forth that are simply not negotiable. If one does not adhere to the clearly articulated biblical perspective on a particular issue, should that person claim to be a part of the church? If you are in the army and your Master Sargent commands you to march and you decide to spin around in circles, you will not be in the army for long. There are orthodox truths that simply are not negotiable. Does this make me sound like a jerk? Probably.

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