Monday, October 5, 2009

Things I have learned as a parent...

  1. Children are a blessing from the Lord, except for the hour before dinner and the last two hours of the return trip home from vacation.

  2. Children do not recognize the rights of anyone else outside of themselves.

  3. For toddlers, items that have the words "flourescent" and "permanent" in their description have the gravitational pull equal to a black hole.

  4. Never leave your laptop open to a toddler with his plastic play tools.

  5. It is amazing the amount of damage that a child can do with a set of fine quality plastic play tools.

  6. A child's faith has not been diminished by experience. Neither has it been emboldened by experience.

  7. To a child with a favorite NFL team, every game of the season is the Super Bowl.

  8. Children respond with tremedous grace to a humble parent.

  9. A child's hissy fit is simply the outward manifestation of something I do in my heart all of the time.

  10. It is important to remember that it is hard being a parent and it is hard being a child, just in different ways.

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