Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three things #105

  1. As I read about the way that the disciples deserted Jesus in the hours before His death, it struck me that these guys were His friends. Between the short snippets of teaching and healing that we see in the Gospels, there were millions of moments of conversation and playing and laughing and even crying together. Although Jesus was their Rabbi, there was a more intimate relationship. As I read through the account of the numerous betrayals, the parallels between Peter and Judas are brought to the forefront. Jesus predicts both of their betrayals. Judas is silent in response. Peter self-righteously defends his allegiance to the Rabbi. Judas leaves in the middle of dinner, Peter stays by Jesus's side throughout. Judas is active, leading a mob. Peter is inactive, leading slumbering apostles. Judas is damned. Peter is forgiven. I see both elements of Peter and Judas in my heart.
  2. While standing in line at Pei Wei yesterday, it struck me that you can make just about any Oriental dish sound like a fatal martial art with the right tone. "You make bad mistake, sir, for I am a master of PAD THAI!" "Prepare to meet your ancestors! I know MOO GOO GAI PAN!" "I will now unlease the fury of KUNG PAO!!" Although this does not work with Sweet & Sour Chicken.
  3. Don't forget to pray for Haiti.

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Aaron said...

RE: number 2 - I tried this after reading it, but apparently the guy knew both Chinese and kung fu. He didn't laugh and then kicked me in the head.