Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brain fog potty mashing

Random stuff:

-Who isn't curious about a blog entry with a title like that? I am afraid that it is false advertising though. I don't even know what potty mashing means.

-I think that I miss the Olympics. They were a welcome distraction on a nightly basis. Except for badminton. It was simply annoying.

-I went to an event last night where a panel of CEOs spoke. They admitted that luck was a part of their success. They said that you have to be prepared for the moment when luck presents an opportunity. I think luck is a term that was made up because God's mercy was too difficult for some to accept.

-Andrew Peterson's new song makes me tear up. I am quite the wuss, I am afraid.

-I think that when you find a place that is really quiet, you become very aware of just how loud our lives are. Selah.

-And then you turn on the radio.

-I have committed to run a 5k on October 11th. I like food more than my training regimen. But as long as I beat my small group leader's time, its all good.

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