Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quotes like this scare me.

“…the lowest common denominator in all of the missional-incarnational practices is discipleship and the difficulty of discipling people in the midst of a consumerist culture. The story of the middle class in America is one of safety, security, comfort and convenience. In other words, American Christians have overwhelmingly chosen the story of the American way rather than the way of Jesus.”

-Brad Brisco from his “Alan Hirsch in New Orleans” entry from his blog, Missional Church Network

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Aaron said...

That's funny, your blog shows up just a few below Zach Nielsen's on my reader. I literally just read this on his blog, then I click down to read your new entry and voila! It's the same thing! Funny...

Really though, that's a great observation. Challenging. I've always appreciated Piper's "war-time lifestyle" analogy that combats this American dream mentality that many Christians today have (including, at times...me).