Friday, September 5, 2008

Conventional foolishness

After two weeks of political conventions, a few random observations:

-Most of the people at the highest levels of our government think that the general population is stupid. They make promises that they never plan on keeping because it is what is required to get elected. Either that or our political leadership is optimistic to the point of foolishness in believing that they will be the ones to change Washington.

-Sarah Palin was the only one of the nominees that did not sound like a seasoned aristocrat. The other three haven't been any where near blue class working family in a long time.

-Long experience and wisdom are not synonomous.

-If we are at war, our leaders should be required to have a child or grandchild on the battlefront. It would influence the way they make decisions. A little skin in the game, you know.

-Being in the Senate does not make you a leader.

-Has John McCane done anything since he was a POW? Sure would be nice to hear something about what he has done in the past, say, forty years.

-I wonder how much those balloons that they dropped from the ceiling cost? Bet there are a lot of better uses for that money.

-I hate that I will cast my vote for someone that I do not believe in. Pooh and Diego might just get my vote.

-Barak Obama is an empty suit, but he is great at articulating ideas. And the unthinking masses like to be entertained by great orators.

-Barak cannot believe that his perspectives on life issues align with anything close to Christian.

-I fear that young people with little knowledge of the politicians will turn the election by simply voting for the "coolest" candidate.

-I hated seeing Invesco Field at Mile High hosting that big Obama speech. It's is the Broncos home turf, not a theater for political speeches.

-I miss Mike Huckabee.

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