Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayers of the young

As a family, we have been listening to a sermon on prayer called "Pray Like Jesus". This has resulted in some great prayers from the Pups. A few examples:

"Dear Heffenly Fader, Thank you for Jesus and He died on the cross. Oh, yeah, and the beans too. Amen." --- 3-year-old at the dinner table

"Dear Heavenly Father, Please help Daddy's business to do well so we can go to SeaWorld. Or maybe just Arkansas. That would be okay too. Amen." --- 5-year-old

and my favorite:

"Dear Heavenly Father....Oh, never mind. Amen." --- 9-year-old

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ComfyDenim said...

Sometimes, I feel like that. :-)
That was too funny.