Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Apple and Nike are better than dessert.

I have been prepping for the race that I have in early October. I have lost six pounds. I am no longer sore. And I might just make the time goal that I had set for myself. Mucho progresso.

So it would reason that just as things were going well that my treadmill would just give up. In the middle of a run. With no provocation.

So I turned to my Nike/iPod thingy. This is a really cool device. You place a small chip inside specially constructed Nike Shoes. There is a second piece that attaches to your iPod and measures your distance, speed, etc. by connecting wirelessly with the pedometer in your shoe. It rocks. Unless it stops working in the middle of a run.

Dead treadmill. Dead Nike/iPod thingy. So I go to the Apple store with my Nike/iPod thingy and tell thing that it doesn't work right.

The Apple guy goes over to the shelf, takes a Nike/iPod thingy off of the shelf, and tells the manager that mine isn't working right. So the manager looks at me to make sure I appear to be the type of person that might exercise. Seeing that I might probably run, he hands me the new one, took the one that didn't work, and told me to have a nice day.

That rocks. I actually felt like a customer.

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