Monday, May 4, 2009

Generic post

Three things:

1. We have had some pretty severe diet changes in an attempt to fight some allergies in the Pups. You know what I miss more than an other food? Cold cereal. Not even the sweet kind, really. Maybe just some Wheaties.

2. Every time I post something on this blog, the Comment Moderation button stares at me with an irascable, mocking glare. It knows that I have no comments to moder. But if you are reading this, just know that if you comment, I will moder your words with velvet gloves.

2b. I have known some blogs where they just peck comments to death. Like a gang of chickens on a paralyzed ladybug. It's really ugly.

3. I held an iPhone in my hands today. I lusted, I'm afraid. As I grow older, I am coming to understand that stuff like iPhones will never live up to the anticipation of having one. Because toddlers will drop them on to concrete shortly after you get one.


Aaron said...

Re: comment moderation. I'm sorry bro, I should really comment more, but I can barely even think these days enough to interact with blogs.

Just know that I do enjoy reading your blog using my iPhone while eating my second bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

ComfyDenim said...

I'm trying not to laugh at Aaron's comment. Fruity pebbles sound good -- but I know how many calories are in them. LOL

Re 2b - It's painful to watch, isn't it?

iphone. Yeah. I hear ya on that one.
or they'll drop it in the toilet. like a nintendo DS I had (it was mine!!) Drop it in for no other reason than all three were in the same room at just the same moment. The child, the toilet and the expensive electronic device. Sigh.

TobyBo said...

either onto concrete or down the toilet. But you knew that.

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