Friday, May 8, 2009

Insights into stuff and Genesis 3

A couple of random thoughts on spiritual things:

- In the apologetics course that our church is offering to the public, we looked at Genesis 3. This is the chapter were Adam and Eve choose fruit over God. I know that the core of their disobedience was a heart that wondered if there was something better, but has there ever been a worse trade. I will trade perfect joy for a bite of a pear. Huh. Not equal value, really.

-When they made the choice to rebel against God, 100% of the human population on the planet at that moment fell. There was not a sinless person left.

-I am still puzzled by the origin of evil in the first place. What was the origin of that first rebellious inkling in the mind of Satan?

-Leave apples alone. It wasn't an apple. Probably a tomato. Tomatoes are fruit, you know.

-Will heaven be better than Eden was? I think so.

-I wonder if later in their lives, Adam and Eve could remember the details of the Fall. We tend to forget things as we grow older. I have to think that as their minds aged that the wonder of an unfallen world became harder and harder to recall. Dulled by sin and pain, I bet they began to view death as a gift, a relief from crushing regret.

-Just a speculation, but I bet that Eve was unusually viscious with any snakes she encountered.

-The first Adam blew it. The second Adam, though thoroughly tempted, did not.


Coie said...

It was good to meet you and two of your daughters today! Like I said earlier, I have read every single post on this blog and on HSB, since I found it a couple years ago. It always cracks me up, and encourages me, so thanks for keeping it updated. And thanks for stopping by and saying hello at the convention!


TobyBo said...

I think it was a pomegranate.