Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing to think about....

The other day, my six year old looked me in the eye and asked, "Dad, how does my brain know what my eye is seeing?". To which I gave the cop-out Dad answer, "Because God made it that way." Lame answer, but true and evidently satisfying to six year olds.

But it got me to thinking about other things that are simply wonderful that point us to a great Creator. Consider these:

Taste: How does your tongue know that some things taste good and others do not?

Laughter: Why are the only creatures that laugh? How do you know something is funny? Why are certain things funny to some and not to others?

Personality: Everyone has one, but just what is it? How does it emerge and when? Are our personalities and our souls linked?

Skin: It is durable, reacts well to heat and cold, and constantly recycles itself. How is it that my skin can tell the difference between hard and soft?

Fingerprints: If you commit a crime, they are specific to you so that the authorities will use them to nail your identity. How is it that they are unique like snowflakes?

Balance: How does the toddler brain learn to balance on these silly looking feet? How can we shift our weight to keep from falling?

Heartbeat: Science cannot explain what starts your heart beating. There is a spark that "jumps" the heart so that it continues beating until it is time for it to stop.

I praise you, Jesus, for I am fearfully and wonderfully set apart. Wonderful are your works; oh, yes! my soul knows it very well.
---Psalm 139:14 (Tryon Paraphrase)

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