Sunday, August 16, 2009

August has been bad for us, but.....

This August has been a banner month for bad stuff. We have been consistently smacked around by one unhappy event after another. So far this August:

- The air conditioner in one car went kaput.

- I rammed my father-in-laws camper with our new van, damaging both.

- Pup #4 got his hand slammed in the van door, breaking and slicing open his finger.

So I was feeling pretty bummed about the month. But then I sat down with Maria, a business associate of mine. She listened to my story and then told me about her August. The highlight? They returned from a 10 day trip to a family reunion in Canada. About three houses down from theirs, they used the remote to open their garage door. The smell that creeped from their house was indescribable. It was worse than awful. The culprit? The freezer in the garage had stopped working and the contents sat in the 90+ degree heat for several days.....

It gets better (worse?): Two days before the left for Canada, they had received a $1000 delivery of meat. Enough bison, pork, and beef to last them for over a year. And where did they put the meat? In the garage freezer, of course.

They had to spend the night in a motel until the could get a "specialist" to haul off the freezer and all of its contents.

She said the smell still lingers a week later.

I immediately felt better about our August.

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TobyBo said...

My August is looking absolutely wonderful. Thank you.