Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three things

1. The healthcare debate is giving me tired head. But I would like to go to one of those townhall meetings with the President. I would have two questions:
a. Mr. President, what about Tort Reform? Can we place limits on the amount that medical lawsuits can pay out?
b. Mr. President, would you, your Cabinet, and Congress commit to living with Medicare/Medicaid as your healthcare program for the rest of your lives?

2. This weekend, me and a buddy used a water balloon launcher to launch balloons at about 90 miles an hour. We then tried to hit said water balloons with a baseball bat. It was so fun that we laughed for about an hour (until we ran out of balloons). Conclusion: Inside every adult male is a boy willing to do stupid things just for the thrill of it.

3. I am having lunch with the senior pastors from our church today. I think that there are three possible outcomes:
a. Promotion to some elevated Usher post.
b. Request to rock the morning services with my spiritual gift (I play the Kazoo...with enthusiasm).
c. Ex-communication.

Possibility C. will bother me less if they pick up the check. If I sense that is coming, I will probably order a whole pie for dessert.


Aaron said...

How was the pie?

TobyBo said...

I think I shall buy my DH and son a pack of water balloons and let them have at it. Sounds like fun. :)

ComfyDenim said...

The water balloons sound like fun.

and --

Elevated Usher position? Will that mean you have to usher in the balcony??