Thursday, July 29, 2010

This makes my stomach turn.

Evidently, these are popping up on benches all over Colorado Springs:

I did not click through to the site, nor would I encourage you to do so. But this type of public prediction is really sad for a couple of reasons.
1. The people that produced this message in effect are claiming to know more than Jesus and the angels (Matthew 24:36).
2. If your guess at the date is wrong, you have done harm to the Name of Christ and cost yourself all credibility, both within and outside the church (Deut 18:22, Jer 28:9).
3. I am guessing that relatively few people are threatened into the kingdom of God. I know that God can use any means He chooses to save people, but it would seem to me that there are more effective ways to communicate the gospel.

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David said...

But, isn't this just one and the same with all of the bad "evangelism" methods that try to get people to avoid "hell" and go to "heaven" without ever even defining the terms? (Yes, I'm referring to EE, along with others...) It's all about self-preservation and some vain sense of personal immortality. Jesus is not a means to an end.

BTW, against your advice I checked out their tracts as I'm a bit of a bad eschatology junkie, and it's just garden variety bad numerology as you probably guessed. Not even particularly creative. I was disappointed.