Monday, July 12, 2010

Three things #161

1. Like a slow working poison, my finely honed talent for being a timely smart alec is fading into....maturity. I feel terrible about it. It is effecting my blogging. I am reading more complicated books. I have tried everything: Looney Tunes, The Muppet Show, hanging out with teenagers, etc. But without some sort of intervention, Smart Alec Me will soon perish.

2. I am reading a biogrpahy about Warren Buffett. He is a really interesting guy, partly because you would not suspect the richest guy on earth to be humble. In the first chapter, he tells his biographer, "If I give you one version of a story and someone tells one that is different, include the less flattering one in the book."

3. I am more convinced that ever that the publishing of too many "Christian" books is doing more harm to the church than good. We need fewer people speed reading many books and more people concentrating on going deep with few books. Too many people rely upon the authors they read to do their Scriptural meditation for them, instead of thinking deeply about the things of God.

"[Our failure] in our duty to study God's not a lack of intelligence or passion. Our problem is that we are lazy." --- RC Sproul

And I am the worst of all men at dithering about in the shallow end of the pool.


Aaron said...

Re: # 3 - Good word, amigo. But you just gave me a lot of books and I feel compelled to read them all...

the Underdog said...

Aaron, you don't have to read them, just possess them. People will think you read them. It is important to create the illusion of being well read. :)