Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three things #160

1. Every once in a while my world just goes gray. The excitement of colorful adventures and a sunny outlook is replaced by the black and white tones of routine interrupted by trouble. It is at these times that I cling to the promise of God's goodness. He is not deaf to my prayers nor blinds to my difficulties. Instead, He has higher purposes, chiefly the sancification of my thoughts and habits and desires.

One of the sentences that I cling to when the world is tone deaf is "His goodness and mercy shall follow me all of the days of my life". I don't have to chase His goodness and mercy. It is not like a stubborn mule that I have to tug and pull along. No, Jesus' goodness and mercy are my constant companion, like an inescapable shadow. Jesus goodness and mercy are like my nose, I don't always think about my nose, but it is always with me whether I acknowledge it or not. And sometimes, when I look in the right places, I think, "Ah, yes. there is my nose. It was there all along." Such is goodness and mercy. Only they don't smell. Okay, this post is over.

1a. Sorry. For the nose analogy.

2. Punctuation is like Facebook You can ignore it but pretty soon someone is going call you a loser if you are not constantly using it

3. So let me get this straight, I can arm myself with a semi automatic weapon and that is okay, but I could get years in jail for possessing Black Cats within the city limits? Ironic, isn't it?

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