Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three things #164

1. It is easy to exchange God centered-ness for church centered-ness or family centered-ness or Bible study centered-ness or marriage centered-ness. All of these things are intended for our santification, but none are a substitute for God Himself.

2. On a lighter note, my parents didn't like the movie "How To Train Your Dragon". Maybe it is because they saw the title and were expecting a documentary?

3. I am taking the boys to their first Major League Baseball game next week. One of my readers has a way to upgrade from outfield seats to luxury suites. Any tips for us, Miss Igarashi?


Stack said...

I saw a sign like that somewhere recently, "1 cookie, 2 shots of espresso and a puppy"...

Ryann Igarashi said...

Get some really famous friends. It pays well.

Ryann Igarashi said...

I like that when you say "Miss Igarashi" I don't have to wonder if you're talking to my sister or me (since now she's a "Mrs.").

The situation I was in to get free tickets:

I had friends who are vendors at conventions, and they had friends who were other vendors, and those people knew one of the people who owned one of the suites.