Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The brilliance of true fellowship

I have historically been very grouchy towards the church. Some of the churches I have attended over the span of 34 years probably contributed this grouchiness, but I am confident that my personal sinfulness was equally at fault. It is undeniable that God used my experience with the church to form my character and sanctify me in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. But all in all, my experience with the church has been wanting.

Until now. God has provided a group of people to our family that have defied my low expectations of the church. We are able to love people and receive love in kind. Self sacrifice for the good of others is common. The Gospel is central. And God is being glorified.

And Sunday mornings are filled with laughter and joy. In my history with church, that is an amazing distinction. Joy. On Sundays in our church people are happy to be in God's house with those that worship the risen Saviour. We sing with enthusiasm and we listen to preaching with great anticipation that God will open our eyes to see Him more clearly.

We are a big herd of servanthood oriented sheep. And that is very cool.

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Aaron said...


Thanks for your example and contribution towards that end. I can't imagine Sunday morning without you and the pups!