Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random grab bag of fluff

A free dose of brain lint:

-Is anyone really convinced that either of the Presidential candidates will change things that much? I can't question their committment to change, but they are still constrained by a system that resists significant change.

-I have never seen any preacher so compelling, so captivating, so clearly Spirit-filled as John Piper was this last weekend. His message on Job and God's Sovereignty over all things is changing the way I look at my life and the world.

-One of the most incredible statements Piper made this last weekend: "Satan must obey God." I think that most Christians would agree with this statement, but we don't act like it is true.

-I am so tired of the television. I know it makes me dumber, but I am continually sucked in by its mindlessness.

-Andrew Peterson's new album arrived yesterday. It is good but not great. The song "Hosea" nearly brought me to tears the first time I heard it.

-If you write a lousy review for a publishers book, I wonder if they let you do any more?

-Where is the A-Team when we need them?

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Aaron said...

1. Yes
2. I totally agree. No one individual has influenced me and continually challenges me as Piper. Thank God for the prophetic gift and calling God has placed on men like him. But praise God, not Piper, as I am often tempted to do...
3. Amazingly true, amazingly hard to walk out.
4. Kill your television! Ha ha, just kidding. I do watch two tv shows each week, and I always look forward to the end of the season when I can finally put the tv away for awhile. It tends to rob me of my joy and satisfaction in Christ...
5. I got nothin' for you here...
6. No, but then again, they didn't invite me the first time.
7. Stop living in the past dude.

Ok, that's my 30 second response to your brain lint...hope you have a great day.

And I'm still a little envious of your opportunity to go to Austin last weekend.