Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Three things

Three reasons why it is better to watch an NFL game on TV instead of going to Texas Stadium to view it live:
  1. Texas Stadium is really, really smelly. I took my 7 year-old with me to the game and the first words out of his mouth as we entered the stadium: "Hey, Dad, what's that smell?"
  2. Unbridled passion + excess consumption = unexplainable stupidity. Why go to the game and drink so much that you cannot control yourself? You can get sloshed at home without paying $100 for your ticket.*
  3. Instant replay. It is almost embarrassing to admit that I don't know how anyone enjoyed sporting events before instant replay. The game moves so fast that the human eye cannot capture everything that happens.

*I used to be against the building of new sports venues that would make it impossible for the common man to attend a game. But if the common man acts like a fool, maybe the ticket prices that will keep the cheap drunks from public displays of indecency are appropriate.


OConnell said...

haha this is a great post...and not having been to the stadium I still can completely understand...Cleveland is no gem.

By the way, Hello from your neighbor!

Aaron said...

Hey man, back off Texas Stadium. Do you make fun of Wrigley Field too??

Sacred territory there bub...

You're just jealous of the rings.

the Underdog said...

Just like they say, "One man's sacred territory is another man's smelly old football building."

Wrigley doesn't smell like armpit.