Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The infrequency of stillness

I have started reading a new book published by Sovereign Grace Ministries entitled Worldliness. It is, appropriately, about worldliness and our propensity to become drawn to the temporary things of the world and not to the all satisfying Saviour. My own issues with worldliness can be traced to the infrequency with which I am truly still and quiet. I seem to have this need to have the radio or the iPod or a magazine or the Tivo to entertain me. And I think that this robs me of the peace of soul that I often say I want, but refuse to sacrifice anything to attain.

I am grateful for grace all over again.

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Aaron said...


I'm glad you're reading this book, you are one of the most worldly men I know...

Ha! Just kidding dude. The book is good, I'm a few chapters into it, and am really grateful for it. I think too many people are a little scared to address such a touchy subject, but these guys do it well, and always centered on the gospel.

I hope you post some of your thoughts on it, would love to interact more with you.