Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three things #154

1. If a Father had a fun fund to fund, how much fun could an underfunded, unfunny fun fund fund?

1a. I'm sorry.

2. I think the difference between solitude and loneliness is having someone to go home to.

3. I have to go to Washington DC next week to man a conference booth. The theme of our booth is hope and change. I bet it will make us a very popular booth at first. But when the masses realize we have no plan and no ability to deliver on a single thing we promise, we will become annoying and irrelevant. At that point, we will just spend like drunk sailors and when problems arise we will just talk about how "complicated" things are. I think thats what everyone does when they go to Washington DC, right?

1 comment:

TobyBo said...

I will be watching to see how #3 goes.

And I made use of your "3 Things" idea. :)