Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The heat saps my will to blog.

One of my readers is forcing me to blog.

First, this reader refuses to visit us in Texas and now this relentless exhortation to being writing blog posts again. I mean, its hot here in Texas, not moderately cool like, say, you know, Joplin. Its so hot that to get tomato soup, we just go to the garden, pick a couple of tomatoes, and cut them in half.

And you expect me to blog under these conditions?

And keep in mind that humidity makes me incoherent. I'm not that good at the English thing to begin with, but then you pile on humidity and I might as well be typing Tweets with my toes while blindfolded.

Oh, yeah, and I can read your mind as you read this post. I am not complaining. I have advanced beyond that. I whine.

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