Friday, June 25, 2010

Three things #155

1. Please check out the comment on my previous post on modern day slavery. Kevin says that slavery is at its lowest point in history. Let's aim for the death blow to this evil.

2. Totally different subject. While Mrs. Underdog was out tonight, I decided to watch the post mortem concert video they did for Michael Jackson called This Is It. I know, I am a complete loser. A couple of observations. That man had charisma that was off the charts. Jackson took the talent he had and maximized it in a way like no other entertainer has to date. That said, it is also obvious that god-like status had destroyed him and sapped the meaning from life for him. Mr. Jackson meet King Solomon. Oh yeah, and that series of shows in London they had planned (there were 30 concert dates) would have been unlike any thing ever done before on stage. Endless funds make for amazing effects.

3. I want to read a book sometime. Just one. And something not authored by Dr. Seuss.

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Aaron said...

RE: #3 - I feel ya... And now I have a new stack of books to taunt me!