Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three things #150

1. Blue is dead. Blue was the Acura that was just about older than all of my kids. And yesterday she expired. After 145k miles, the transmission just gave up the ghost. "Random chance" the Honda service guy called it. And, alas, to replace the tranny would cost more than the old car is worth. Sigh.

And we will have to take on a car payment again. What really bums me out is that we had just paid off our credit card balance. We had plans to attack paying off the family van. We had just donated some money that we felt led to give. And then Blue goes kaput.

I am not complaining. I know families that are in pretty dire straits with husbands that want to work and cannot find jobs. But there is a sense of irony in the timing of Blue's death. The over arching question of life is front and center once again. Through circumstances we could not have foreseen, God is asking "Do you trust Me?".

2. I am also sad about the death of John Wooden. He was a good man. His basketball accomplishments will rightly receive a lot of attention. But the man off the court was an outstanding example of a husband and father. Read the following about his wife, Nell:

Junior high school sweethearts, they were married 53 years until Nell died in 1985. To this day, he writes her a love note every month and sets it on her side of the bed. He has never kissed anyone else.

I once asked him if we could write a book together about how to make love last. He agreed—until the day we were to start. I'd been waiting on his porch for half an hour when he finally opened the door, tears streaming down his face. "It's too soon," he wept. And Nell had been dead 15 years by then.

I want to love like that.

3. List for the day:

- Pray that God will provide the right car at the right price.
- Clean the kitchen and garage.
- BBQ (at home) tonight with my wife for date night?
- Sneak in a nap.

Not neccessarily in that order....

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