Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Three things #170

1. My great grand children will read my blog long after I am gone and will interpret these long gaps in one of two ways. Either great grandpa was a slacker who couldn't think of anything good to say for long stretches. Or great grandpa was a deep thinker that took a considerable amount of time considering something of lofty wisdom to post.

Probably the former, I bet.

2. My youngest daughter has been assigned a nickname. This is generally the sign that she has been adopted into the pack as a "keeper". Until the point that you get a personalized nickname, you are formally a part of the family, but you are not officially initiated into the clan and given all rights and priveledges therein (mostly the right to complain about stuff). It usually takes a few months for an appropriate nickname to reveal itself. We now have Bear, Joshy, Schmoo, Droop, Josey, Sunshine, and.......Hoolie.

3. Read the best opening chapter to a book that I have read in years last night. From an author I did not previously appreciate. Like finding hidden treasure.

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Aaron said...

Admit it, you left that last line in there just to drag some comments out...

But yes, I'll bite, what's the book?