Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three things #176

1. When you go to a large banquet where they serve the standard "rubber chicken" fare, often the salad and dessert are on the table when you get there. I have fallen into this pattern that I think troubles the others at my assigned table every single time. I eat the salad first. And then there is this delay before the entrees are served. I eat pretty fast, so the pause before the main course is longer for me than most people. So I eat the cake. And sometimes, if the table has empty seats, I will eat two pieces of cake.

But that is where I draw the line. Any more than two desserts before the entree is simply gluttonous. But two pieces of cake can pass as appetizers, I think.

2. In my morning training runs, I see a lot of bunnies. And they all show off how fast they are by sprinting away when they see me. So I am making it a goal to punt a bunny if I can catch one. Then I will know that I am really, really fast. Bunny fast.

3. Heard this morning: The idea that we were "made to worship" God is potentially a bad one. It implies that God needs worshipers and made us for that purpose. God needs nothing from us. He is complete in everyway. God requires nothing from His creation to be whole. The Trinity was perfectly happy without us.

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Ryann said...

Weren't we made to worship/glorify God?