Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Three things

Post election thoughts...
  1. I am so happy that the campaigns are over. Didn't it get to the point where it felt like democracy was a punishment? If our new President really wants to earn some brownie points, limit the campaigns to six months.
  2. Listening to the media this morning, there is a lot of excitement about the historic nature of yesterday's vote. It is amazing that we have an African-American in the highest office in the land. But let's tap the brakes a little on making him out to be a great leader before he has done anything at all. After all, Saul looked pretty good in front of a crowd and we all know what kind of leader he turned out to be. (See I Samuel for more information)
  3. The sun rose this morning. God's mercies were new once again. There were prayers to be prayed, diapers to be changed, and coffee to be consumed. Somehow, after all of the drama of last evening, God still reigns over all things.


Aaron said...

I agree with number 1 as far as getting worn out from the campaigning. I am grateful for our democratic process, but the superficial and muddy ads do wear me out.

As for number 2, I am more excited about the implications of our country electing a bi-racial president than probably any other single factor in this race. Don't get me wrong, I didn't vote his way due to other issues, but I do rejoice with my friends and countrymen of color who never dreamed this day would come. I mean, seriously, 40 years ago the Jim Crow laws were in effect in this same country and we couldn't even drink at the same water fountains! So, yes, even before he makes a single decision (and I am greatly dreading the first one he said he will make), I am excited to see our country elect our first President of color. Though I have a lot else to say with regard to the one in question, I'll leave it there for now.

As for number 3, oh yes, God does indeed reign sovereign over all this. My particular despair over certain aspects of this decision falls into gratitude for the Lord's handling of it all.

ComfyDenim said...

You put things very succinctly. I agree totally. Matter of fact, I should just link to your blog. *L*