Monday, November 10, 2008

Three things

Baby Ashley's due date is today. In just a few hours, she will be officially late. Three things:
  1. I am amazed at the 3-D images that we can see of a baby in the womb. I saw today that they can also make a sculpture of the baby in the womb using a 3-dimensional printer. Very cool. But little Ashley has never been hidden from the eyes of God. Even more amazing is that God has carefully knit her together.
  2. Long before her parents even met, He knew that Ashley would need a Saviour. God sent His Son to die for Ashley. I love that fact.
  3. Becoming the parent of my sixth will be no more difficult than becoming the parent of my first child. It is not about the number or personalities of children that makes parenting the hardest. It is my self-centeredness.

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Kelley said...

Well for your wife I hope she comes quickly.