Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Amazon has a bad policy that is forcing me to go to Half-Price Books. You see, when I want a book, I usually go to Amazon and find it. It is usually available as a used book from a second-hand bookseller for around a dollar. But they charge a $3.99 shipping fee no matter the size of the book or it origin. So my $1 bargain book now costs $5.00. And it doesn't matter if you ship several books from the same bookseller---$3.99 per book.

This is a bad thing - like abrasive parenting and speed bumps and unnecessary zippers - except about books.


ComfyDenim said...

That would irk.

Aaron said...

Is that Amazon's policy, or the third party seller? I read last year an article on Jeff Bezos called "the Institutional Yes" in which he said they don't make any money from the third party sellers, they just allow them on there as a service to customers.