Friday, June 5, 2009

A few thoughts on social media...

The growth of social media is making my head hurt. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, mySpace, YahooGroups.....Aspirin, please*. It seems to me that we have reached the point where you can have a circle of "friends" without developing any friendships. This may seem a little out of date, but I think it is a bummer that the art of conversation is becoming a lost art. Instead, we can broadcast the inane details of our day without investing any thought to make it interesting to our audience. There are certainly exceptions to this statement, but does anyone really need to share that they are about to park their car or shave the cat or read a book?

Perhaps this blog just contributes to the pile. And I do use Facebook as an outlet for smart alec one-liners that I find amusing. But I am wondering how these things might be better used to glorify God?

*Conan O'Brien had a good line the other night: "If you were to combine Facebook, Twitter, and mySpace, you would get MyTwitFace.

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