Monday, June 29, 2009

Three things

1. Today is my 13th wedding anniversary. A few observations:

a. (Good) marriage requires effort. Not as much effort as children, but since it involves sinners and time, someone is bound to get offended at some point.

b. We have learned the art of fighting well. We did not know that this was important 13 years ago, but it is....

c. We produce a child an average of every 790 days. God has been good.

d. We have a real shot at fifty years. Maybe even sixty if the Lord tarries (I hope He doesn't).

e. I love Mrs. Underdog now more than ever.

2. I had a fever last night. One of those fevers where you just cannot get warm and you shiver a lot. Although I was sick, it was kind of interesting to experience that again.

3. In all of the Michael Jackson coverage, I have tried not to watch, but alas, I find it fascinating. Mr. Jackson denied himself nothing and found nothing that satisfied his soul. I wonder what Solomon would have said to Mr. Jackson? What about Job? What about Jesus?

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