Monday, June 1, 2009

Three thoughts

  1. Most interesting comment of the weekend: I was talking with a new friend at a party that we attended and the conversation turned to music. She asked what kind of music I prefer, which provided me with a platform to espouse the breadth and depth of my musical appreciation (my iPod is a living tribute to musical variety or indecisiveness, depending on your viewpoint). She made the comment that she was at the age now (47, I think) when she values silence over the sound of music. That is difficult for me to comprehend, but maybe I am just not old enough.
  2. I am excited that the newest Pixar movie, Up, has received such great reviews. One even said that the movie made them love their wife more. We won't get to see the movie until my parents visit later this month. I have a little bit of doubt because Wall-E got great reviews too and it was pretty pedestrian in my opinion. For $8.50, a movie better be brilliant.
  3. I have to wonder about all the concern about Social Security. Two hundred years ago, there was no such thing. But now, the expectation is there that the government will pay people for an indeterminate amount of time based on deposit over finite period of time. Did anyone really think this would work? In my lifetime, Social Security will be over $40 trillion in the hole. Just another example of our country thinking we can buy something now and pay later. Sigh.


hosanna said...

1. what a fantastic compliment to you...i hope you responded with, THANK YOU! although, my mind cannot wrap around the fact that anyone is beyond listening to music...

Aaron said...

We took Judah to see Up this weekend, his first trip to the theater. We loved it, but it was probably the most sober opening that I have seen Pixar produce. Better than Wall-E, definitely, or your money back*