Thursday, July 10, 2008

Classic posts

If you want to be entertained for hours and just have happy fun, you should check out my old blog ( It gives me a little credibility in this new space. Very little. Look at this brilliant example from the archives:

Nov. 20, 2007 - Addressing a common misperception about questions
I am back. Sorta.

I am back because there is a question that must be addressed and I feel like I am the only one asking it. You hear this question posed from time to time and you, too, must wonder about the best answer to this popular conundrum. The question is this: Are there any stupid questions? And the answer is undoubtedly "Yes." The professor that states that there are no stupid questions, usually does so at the beginning semester before he has gotten to know his class. A few weeks later, after an avalanche of dumb questions, it is too late to retract his statement and he is too nauseated to bring up the subject.

Just to prove the point, let me offer up a few questions that I think are borderline stupid and you decide. Stupid or not?

1. Do people burp audibly in their sleep? Could one wake himself up with a mighty belch?
2. Could you train a chicken to run a marathon? Does it matter that chickens are well known to be sprinters by nature?
3. If my German chocalate is made in Jersey, it is really German chocolate? Would anyone eat Jersey chocolate?
4. Are turkeys naturally lazy creatures since they contain lots of tryptophan?
5. Are you going to eat that?

Now, I realize that the nature of a question is somewhat influenced by the questioner and the questionee. But let's face it, this is really a black and white type issue. So, be careful what you ask and be careful how you answer. Because some questions are clearly stupid.

That's it. Now go have fun.

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