Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keep it simple

My oldest son and I sat down to look at the last few days of King Saul's reign. Through Samuel, God tells Saul to go and wipe out a tribe. Leave nothing. People, animals and possessions were to be destroyed. I don't understand completely why God would want to do that, but I do know that His command was not shrouded in mystery. God provided simple instructions. And Saul failed to obey them. Saul took what he wanted - - - the enemy king as a trophy, the best of the cattle and sheep, etc.

I am tempted to ridicule Saul and his failure to follow simple instructions, but then I realize that his example is a perfect reflection of my tendencies. My heart and desires are just as corrupt as Saul's, they are just as impure in their motives. Left to myself, I will always choose hamburgers over God. But by His grace, I am being changed to see the value and worth of God over all other things. Slowly.

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