Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The moment of illumination

I has doing my morning reading in the book of Mark and came to the passage about the feeding of the five thousand. The summary is that there were five thousand men in one place to hear Jesus teach. The hour gets late and the people have nothing to eat. Jesus' disciples scout out the available food and come up with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish. In an amazing miracle, Jesus breaks the bread and divides the fish and everyone gets enough to eat. A couple of things about this passage were fascinating to me.

First, we don't know what Jesus was teaching, but wouldn't you like to know? What He was telling this crowd must have been captivating. They ignored the time and their growing hunger to hear this traveling Rabbi speak.

Second, Jesus and His followers were trying to get away for a while to rest. They went to a desolate place to escape the demands of the people. Jesus' compassion was such that He put people before privacy.

Finally, I wonder when the disciples realized what was happening? What was it like when Peter understood that everyone was getting something to eat? As Jesus blessed the food, was John anticipating a night with an empty stomach? That moment of illumination must have been indescribable! The bread never stopped coming! There was enough fish for everyone! It must have been thrilling to be with Jesus.

I suppose that I should end this entry with some witty and clever application that came from my study this morning. Sorry to disappoint. All that I have for the end of this post is a refreshed excitement for the person and work of Jesus. With God, all things are possible.


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