Friday, July 11, 2008


The number of hairs on your head.
Your shoe size.
The range of your voice.
The tone of your skin.
Your heighth.
The length of your life.
Your food preferences.
Your allergies.
The color of your eyes.
Your level of intelligence.
Your sense of timing.
Your ability to tell a joke.
The sound of your laughter.
Your capacity to carry a tune.
The day of your birth.
The presence or absense of freckles.
Your appreciation for adventure.
The complexity of your personality.

You are a very unique creature. And yet none of the characteristics that make you the person that you are today were random. No, you have been fearfully and wonderfully created, knitted together by an Artist without equal. Everything about you was intentional. It was all planned from the very beginning by a very creative Creator. And that is very good.

(As a side note, each of the things in the list above contains a point of curiosity for me about Jesus. I can't wait to hear Jesus laugh.)

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