Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three things #132

1. The Igarashis are coming to town tomorrow (except for Coie, who came last year but was not impressed and will not return). We will be going to dinner and going to the park. I told the younger children that both visiting Igarahis can fly.

I hope they are not disappointed. The children, that is.

2. Last night was Boyz Nite Out. Just me and three Tryon youngsters itching for trouble. We really went nuts. Burgers at Mooyah (messy, yummy), experienced 3d television at BestBuy (consensus: overrated), ran through a big maze in the shape of Texas (highlight: scared the wits out of cocky 8 year old), and had a nightcap of frozen yogurt (I almost cried when I learned they don't have Peanut Butter yogurt anymore). Oh yeah, and we established that we don't understand rugby.

3. We are dog-less for the first time in many years. Its really weird. I think dogs make us better people.

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Coie Watson said...

Oh, that's mean-- I am SO jealous of my mama and seester! I'm trying not to fall into a snare of lifelong bitterness and self-pity for want of visiting with you all this weekend!