Sunday, May 9, 2010

Three things #136

1. We had Pup #7 on Saturday evening. She is happy, healthy, and the center of attention. It is always a small miracle to be at the birth of a brand new person. New to us, that is. We discovered her existence nine months ago. God knew about her before time began. We saw her little face for the first time yesterday. God planned her visage eons ago. It is good. No, it is very good.

2. I saw a t-shirt a couple of days ago that I thought was pretty clever. It said: "Sin is like chocolate covered feces." Sounds about right.

3. Mrs. Underdog will be in bed for the next five days straight. At first that sounds pretty good, getting to nap whenever you want and having a handsome, spectacularly intelligent gentleman wait on you hand and foot. But I guess that after 48 hours, being stuck in bed is like a little prison.

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