Monday, May 17, 2010

Three things #139

I have a lot of things to type here tonight. So there is more than three things, but I am going to do it anyway.

1. Life is not pointless.

2. I think that churches build buildings for the wrong reasons. Particularly in the US we consider having a place to meet as a higher priority than alleviating suffering. Every time I hear about a building campaign, my stomach tightens into a little ball.

3. My fathering is terribly inadequate. I rest in the knowledge that my children have an all-sufficient Father that loves them more than I ever could.

4. I can't wait to hear Jesus laugh.

5. Back to #3. Most people I run into in the supermarket and see all 6 of the kids assume that I am some sort of idiot or some sort of hero. Little do they know that I am really a heroic idiot.

6. When Jesus turned the water into wine, I wonder if some wedding guest asked the host if the wine was organic?

7. Nothing is worse for a guy than going to the supermarket to buy his wife some "unmentionables" only to have the people in the check-out line want to strike up small talk about their craving yogurt covered raisins. For SEVEN minutes. True story.

8. I worry more about the people my kids will marry than almost anything else.

9. I can't help myself. I keep trying to grow a goatee. I know that people look and me and think "That man has fuzzy caterpillars stuck to his face." But I keep trying, nonetheless.

10. Sometimes I wonder if there is that much difference in the train of thought in my two year old and that of a puppy. No way to tell, I guess.

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Ryann said...

8. I worry more about the people my kids will marry than almost anything else.

Kinda sad, because I bet you've not even MET your kids' future spouses yet, and you care more about them than almost anything else.