Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three things #145

1. When I see someone with tattoos, I usually take the time to compliment their ink. They always are proud of their body art and sometimes it allows for a gospel oriented conversation. But I am now sitting a table away from a young lady that has naked blue woman grasping a bloody heart covering the length of her upper arm. True story. And I'm SPEECHLESS.
2. Every time I have played golf in the past ten years, Tiger Woods ineveitably comes up sometime during the round. I played in a golf scramble and Tiger was never mentioned. His reputation is in complete ruins.
3. I never watched the LOST series. But I am amazed at the hope that was invested in a tidy, clean, meaningful end to the show. But in our post-modern age, I think it was foolish to believe that there would be a satisfying conclusion. No, our stories are no longer as interested in ending with truth as they are in creating pointless conversations.

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