Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three things #135

1. We met a few of the Igarashi family in person for the first time this evening. A few thoughts on this very cool encounter. First, when people have a love for Christ in common, there is an immediate chemistry that exists. This was apparent tonight. Second, you can tell a lot about a person simply by the way they treat children. I consider my kids to be pretty good judges of character and Mrs. Igarashi got superior marks across the board. Finally, I was extremely impressed with Miss Igarashi. She was incredibly well-spoken and thoughtful and a great example that I will urge my girls to imitate. Thank God for new friendships....

2. I was asked for my opinion tonight on John Piper having Rick Warren at his next conference. I am certain that just about every angle on this pseudo-controversy has been thoroughly explored. But I will say this: In my humble opinion, the whole Reform community could learn a lot from Warren's ambition to live out his theology by serving the poor, dialoging with those who do not share his views, and using his influence to impact everyone he can. We can debate Warren's theological views all we want, but when is the last time you served someone that didn't love you?

3. As we are now two days past Mrs. Underdogs due date, we are more resigned to the fact that Jesus is in charge of birthdays. On that topic, how come we don't have cake and ice cream on the day a child is born? I think this potential tradition deserves some real consideration.

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We had *such* a super time. My husband is looking forward to meeting you, so don't forget to come and visit us when we're in MO.
Your children are indescribably delightful. Give that Coie-clone of yours an extra hug for me.