Friday, May 28, 2010

Three things #146

1. I bet that it was really incredible following Jesus around. Everyday a disciple woke up with infinite possiblities. Maybe Jesus would bend nature to His will. Maybe He would raise the dead again. Maybe He would get in a fight with the Pharisees again. Maybe He would tell stories all day. Maybe He would tell me that He loves me. Maybe He would confuse my little brain with difficult predictions. Maybe He would tell me things about myself I didn't know. Maybe He would give me a nickname.

And maybe He still does these things.

2. I had to buy new slacks yesterday. I now have a whole bunch of dress slacks that are tight in the waist. I know, guys aren't supposed to mentioned stuff like this. But, I am coming to terms that middle age means that I can no longer down Frappacinos, exercise a little, and stay the same size. Crap.

3. I must admit that I am pretty excited about the World Cup. The Olympics are so passionless in comparison. I enjoy the excitement of tracking the brackets without any emotional stake in the outcomes. One of my hopes in life is to be in a stadium with soccer fans that chant and sing and cheer the whole time. I wish church was more like that.....

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TobyBo said...

#1 is wonderful. :)