Thursday, May 13, 2010


That is how I felt this morning.
Nothing wrong, mind you, but nothing happening that I was really excited about in the coming day. And perhaps there is a character flaw embedded in that admission. I guess that most mornings I wake up with several events on the agenda and this morning there was nothing.


With the arrival of the baby, sleep has been erratic and quiet moments have been rare. The normal routines have been obliterated and then gathered together to be burned. (Okay, that's an exaggeration.) Scripture memory and concentrated prayer and Bible study have been lacking. My nerves are frayed and my patience is impatient.


But as I was in the shower this morning, the Lord Jesus reminded me of the passage that our family read last night in the Gospel of Mark. All of these people are gathered around Jesus and they are really hungry. They have no access to food. Jesus tells the disciples to feed them. The disciples do the math and ask Jesus if they should spend the $30k to cater the event. Shortly after this exchange, Jesus provides more food than can be eaten. Those people did nothing to receive God's favor and provision.

And I was thinking this morinng that the point of the passage is that Jesus is to be our Bread. And He is always providing what we need. And often more than we need. All of the spiritual disciplines are good and necessary, but only if they lead me to know and love and acknowledge Jesus. I often fall prey to the idea that I must be the pursuer of God, that the repsonsibility lies with me to chase God. In reality, the Bread of Life is always here. Jesus will never leave me or forsake me. He is always good to me.
His grace is sufficient for me.

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