Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just plain wrong

I want to interrupt this blog to complain about something for the edification of all three of my readers.

The second most irritating thing in the world is being late to an appointment and watching a school bus zoom past your the midst of a flashing school zone.


ComfyDenim said...

That would be pretty irritating....definitely in the top 10. When I'm late for an appointment, just about anything is irritating. Including me. *LOL*

ComfyDenim said...

If I had your e-mail - I'd have sent my response that way...but

RYC - I attend a house church.
I am a worship leader of sorts. :-) what's fun - if I told the people in charge that I wanted to do this -they'd let me. :-D One day, I might. I love the colors. The Drums (I've seen the Blue man group do this with paint, it was cool then, too)...and the song!!

I agreed about the paint. It was my thought, too. Once that paint dries he'll be leaving paint flecks all over the place.

Thanks for braving the weather and visiting!! Especially when you consider the raging school buses going thru the school zones.

Aaron said...

Oh, did I tell you that I took a second job driving a school bus?