Monday, December 15, 2008

Three things

  1. I am confident that God knows what he is doing when He gives children to people. But knowing what I know about my natural parenting abilities, I am not sure that I would have entrusted me with a litter of ferrets to raise. Lord Jesus, help me.
  2. The worship team at my church makes the Sunday song services one of the highlights of my week. I had heard about people just getting lost in worship of the Saviour, but yesterday as we sang to Jesus, I finally understood it through experience. There is a song on the Sovereign Grace Saviour album called "Christ the Lord is Born Today" that is simply beautiful.
  3. Interesting that the theme of "home" is what is dominating my study of the Christmas narrative this year. Jesus, the maker of all things, left his home to take on flesh as an alien and stranger on the planet He created. And when He left this earth, He went to prepare a place for those that belong to Him. I can't wait to go home.

1 comment:

ComfyDenim said...

#1 - * Cackle * Sometimes I think ferrets would have been easier. *L*

#2 - Worship is my favorite place to get lost. I know those surroundings.
I just blessed myself by typing that.

#3 - Great points!! Bravo.