Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three things #110

  1. Faith: My 8-year-old son invited a neighborhood friend to go to Easter services with us on Sunday. This friend slept in and didn't show. When I asked my son why he was moping around the house yesterday, he said that he was discouraged that his friend didn't meet Jesus on Sunday. My son fully expected that his buddy would meet and trust Jesus last Sunday. I have something to learn from that kind of faith.
  2. Opening day of baseball marks the start of the sporting abyss known as summer.
  3. Tiger Woods has been all over the news with his appearance at the Masters golf tournament. And there has been a lot of criticism of his adulteries over the past several months. I think that Christian men in particular should tred lightly in dogpiling on Tiger. Because according to Jesus, most of us have been serial adulterers in our hearts (Matthew 5:28).

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