Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three things #126

1. I was at a Sheraton Hotel this evening at a event for investors. At the same hotel there will be a horror film festival over the next three days. The mix of the Wall Street guys and the Goth contingent was really, really weird.

What struck me in watching the Goth/horror film group was how much they seemed to delight in the morose and evil. They were passionate about these films about depravity and sickness and death. Just by watching you could tell that there was a strong sense of community for these vampirish guys around their common interest.

And I bet that Jesus would more likely have hung with the Goth kids than with me and my venture capitalist compatriots. It is the sick that need a physician....

2. The most surreal thing I have seen in my entire lifetime was a Goth guy that accidently walked in an entrance to the hotel and through the Grand Ballroom filled with investment types. After about ten paces, he knew he had come in the wrong set of doors. What made the scene surreal was the object that the guy had draped over one shoulder: a full size stuffed sheep wearing a confederate flag knit sweater.

3. Finally, this:

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